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Family business consulting

Family business consulting

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A family business that manages the balance between the family and the business necessarily creates many advantages over its competitors. At the same time, family business deals with complex issues and unique challenges, topics that must be taken into consideration in order to serve the business and the family as a unit.


With an understanding of the unique dynamics of the family business, and in a joint process that combines expertise in business, organizational and family systems, a business plan is adjusted to each family in a unique way that helps the owners navigate the long-term success of the business.

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My name is Dr. Hedva Yosef and I am a family business consultant.


Main points:

  • Over 25 years of management and business consulting experience, including an organizational consultant and a lecturer in a family business field.

  • Ph.D. from the University of Haifa, Israel, the subject "Family businesses in Israel".

  • M.Sc. in Economics, Technion, Israel.

  • B.A. in Economics and Political Science, Hebrew University, Isreal.

  • Organizational Counseling Studies, The Open University, Isreal.

  • Mediator


25 years of professional experience:

Family businesses want to ensure a better future for their family, their personal future within the business, and good family ties. They want to improve their cooperation, define boundaries for their roles and to be recognized for their actions.


The businesses that asking for advice see the family as an important value that needs to be protected and in the same breath to protect the business as well.


My professional experience with families, family businesses and other management positions enables me to understand the business more clearly and in better ways and lead them to a better place.



The broad education and the desire to understand the mosaic of people in the business, all these allow me to help the family business in an effective and sensitive manner while preserving the family.

The approach to work combines practicality with depth because when it comes to family things are not regular, you have to understand the little nuances and act accordingly.

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